Start Up! Start a startup!

When I heard that Elon Musk was building Gigafactory, I was thinking what would Voltaire comment on today’s momentum of tech startups? He might be happy since his personal philosophy is to accomplish individual freedom by increasing wealth and intellectual sophistication. Personally I agree with him. And there is a difference between doing business and practicing entrepreneurism. I think the latter is a modern representation of Voltaire’s idea and it revitalizes the dynamics of the society.

What it is? How to Start it?

Please read on.

Judging from everybody’s prior experience, knowledge about starting startups, I will provide a straightforward outline about this process.

Let us start from an early age point of view first:


Even though you have already passed the age of a teenager, you can still use this outline for reference. Depending on what stage you are on, you can either start from getting admitted into a graduate program that interest you or just networking with people you think who might be interested in your product or service.

For example, Boston Dynamics was originally founded by a MIT professor. Some of his employees are his graduate students.

If you have firm belief that your product is the best in a certain field, you can skip all the applying for university programs’ step. And just go ahead participate or apply for the funding from one of those organizations directly:

Y Combinator

(Here is an article on New Yorker about its president Sam Altman:


San Francisco Elevator Pitch

The Thiel Fellowship

SBIR program

Our Crowd

Another way is to find your local angel capitalist such as New York Angels,  or Los Angeles Angel Investors. There is one thing you need to remember before you contact any of the capitalist: whether he/she has invested in the similar product, industry before, what is his/her usual investment volumes. Some capitalists have their own preferences. Case in point, if you want  Andreessen Horowitz to invest, you’d better check out his portfolio first. Besides, if you are lucky to have his company as your investor, they will not only give you the money to do what you love, but also help hire the right personnel and give constructive management advice to you, which is very beneficial to a startup.

Of course, there are some crowd-funding websites you can try, just Google them. I would love to hear from you about your experience of using any of them.

That is about it, good luck!

Other Useful Resources

Online classes: MIT open course-entrepreneurship

Text book: Entrepreneurship, 10th edition, by Robert Hisrich, Michael Peters, Dean Shepherd. (I really like it, it explains clearly and uses a lot of real examples.)

TV shows:



Mattermark: a database of 1M companies



picture cited from socially buzz


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