Why Reputation Marketing Should be Your Top Priority

It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.

                                                                                                                                    Benjamin Franklin


For people who practice personal branding, it is about their being perceived by other people trustworthy, having stable performance and consistent behavior.

Especially in the digital era, we leave our tracks everywhere, from posting pictures on Facebook, or commenting on a blog post, a forum post and etc. In reality, 60% employers would check the social media presence of the job applicants, and the number is increasing because it is an unstoppable trend. You should be alert to this trend because employers who check will use those unstructured data to make hiring decisions.

On its website, Gold Sach clearly points out, “the golden triangle structure of its assets are people, capital and reputation,” which should be managed carefully, and I think this rule can apply to any business. This is also why people have a habit of checking the reviews before they make purchase decision, in particular on amazon. Buying fake reviews on amazon and bidding for posting good reviews, or deleting bad reviews on Yelp are not news either.

The following is a graphic easily demonstrating the significant positions of reviews and 5 Stars Rating in the content marketing planning system:



Picture cited from smartinsights on September 21, 2016

The icons representing each content marketing method makes influence on the customers’ purchase decision journey. The icons from the very left; for example, articles, videos, guides and etc increase the awareness or educate the customers about the brand. However, most customers will not make purchase decision at this stage.

The icons on the very right are the closest points when customers are very likely to make purchase decisions after they see them. For example, it is more persuasive for a customer to make purchase decision if he/she sees all positive reviews or 5-star ratings among the top 10 reviews for the product or service.

For better defining the digital customers’ behavior and purchase decision making journey, google creates the theory of ZMOT, and it is also making advantage of it by offering a new feature << Reviews from the web>> when people search a business through mobile phones.

Case in point, I was searching for the address of Vesperman Farms the other day, it showed up on google with << Reviews from the web>>; <4.9/5 Facebook; 103 votes>. Moreover, when I clicked on the button NEWI was automatically directed to this farm’s Facebook page. Obviously, either Facebook is trying to dominate the reviews industry or it is collaborating with Google to monopoly this business industry. If two digital giants sense the importance of reviews, you should too.

BUT, it is interesting to find out that still not many people leave reviews on Google reviews. People seem to prefer some other websites or I can say they trust other reviewing websites more. You might not know which website they are going to use the most; or how many websites they are going to leave the same review for your business; or the review will be positive or negative. It takes many positive reviews to build a good reputation, and only one negative one to make a potential customer hesitate…

Here is where we can help you. 

We will offer you the best practice for your online reputation marketing, we will give you reputation marketing management advice.Most importantly, we keep everything in order and help you persuade more customers to make purchase decisions.

Check your reputation today!

5 Star Marketing








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